A. Titus Consulting, LLC is a multifaceted corporation aimed at addressing the betterment of society through education, law enforcement consultation, adult and youth empowerment, and police-community collaboration. The founder and CEO, Dr. Alfred S. Titus, Jr., combines education with his law enforcement, hostage negotiation, conflict resolution, and teaching experience to provide enlightening knowledge and information to:

Motivate, empower, and uplift through literature, messages, and teachings of success, determination, and life-skill development, delivered through audience-geared speeches, lectures, interactive workshops, and robust discussions.

Educate, teach, and enlighten through lectures, speeches, workshops, training, and planning sessions directed at law enforcement and the communities they serve, with the goal of developing transparency in a collaborative community policing environment.

Provide expert knowledge and advice through consultation on complex and high-profile investigations, case analysis & review, interviews, policy analysis & development, expert testimony, and media commentary.

Books by Dr. Alfred S. Titus, Jr.

The Ultimate Law Enforcement Career Guide. An inside look at the benefits and complexities of being in law enforcement.

* The Financial Aspects
* The Effects on Family
* The Public Sentiment
* The Camaraderie
* The Changes in You
* The Effects on Family
* The Dangers and Risks
* Critical Life Saving Advice

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A motivational and empowering book that provides the tools to achieve your dreams and goals towards living the life that you and your family deserve.

* Stop procrastination
* Dissect obstacles
* Avoid life’s pitfalls
* Developing a life-success plan
* Staying focused
* Understanding fear

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Dr. Alfred S. Titus, Jr. is a twenty-three year retired veteran of the New York City Police Department where he served in NYPD’s distinguished Homicide Squad and as a member of NYPD’s prestigious and world renowned Hostage Negotiation/Conflict Resolution Team. His achievements and successes in numerous high-profile investigations, case work, and work in the community, earned him recognition in the form of promotion to Detective-First Grade. While in NYPD, Detective Titus continued his pursuit of education through New York State Certification as a Police Topics Instructor through the New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services, a Masters degree in Public Policy and Administration specializing in Criminal Justice through NYPD scholarship, lecturing in NYPD’s Citizen Police Academy on Homicide Investigations, and earning his PhD in Public Policy and Administration specializing in Criminal Justice.
As a retired law enforcement professional, Dr. Titus created A. Titus Consulting, LLC to continue his quest of reaching the masses with life-changing messages and information. Through the consulting firm, outreach is made through various forums, mediums, and platforms to the youth, adults, businesses, and law enforcement. The focus is sharing ideas, experience, and information that will enhance society and create atmospheres where learning, growth, and accomplishment can exist. Through earning his doctorate, Dr. Titus conducted extensive research in community policing and the positive effects it can have on society. As an expert in community policing, it is his goal to create a universal community policing platform where the police and the community can exist in transparency and respect. Dr. Titus is also a professor at the world-recognized John Jay College of Criminal Justice in New York City and at Grand Canyon University online, where he teaches future law enforcement and legal professionals the criminal justice skills, theory, policy, and procedures that will prepare them to maneuver through the complex criminal justice field. Dr. Titus believes that effective education comes from a collaboration of practical and theoretical knowledge.
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Our Work

An exciting and powerful, interactive workshop that can be hosted for your group or event to motivate and empower an adult or youth audience to reach success!

  • Developing a Life Plan for Success
  • Conquering Education with Purpose
  • Gaining Financial Literacy
  • Exploring Entrepreneurship
  • Safely Interacting with Police
  • Tackling Barriers & Obstacles
  • Maintaining Focus & Determination
  • Realizing your Dreams and Goals

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BE INFORMED!!! Be a part of this Powerful Seminar/Information Session.

Adjunct Professor at John Jay College of Criminal Justice and Grand Canyon University. Courses taught include:

  • Introduction to the American Criminal Justice System
  • Criminal Justice Policy and Theory
  • Justice Problem Analysis
  • Criminal Procedure and Public Policy
  • Research Methods and Statistics
  • Senior Capstone Seminar

Former Lecturer at New York City Police Department’s Citizen Police Academy – Homicide.

Articles and Publications:



Dr. Alfred S. Titus, Jr., is one of the finest homicide detectives – and people – I had the privilege of working with as a prosecutor. And what he’s doing now is utterly vital and exceptional work. When police officers and the communities they serve better understand each other, lives can absolutely be saved.

J. Arnold, K2 IntelligenceFormer NYS Assistant District Attorney

A truly gifted role model…not only is he a REAL cop, with REAL academic qualifications, but a REAL detective (First Grade/Homicide) and Hostage Negotiator…how do I know this? It’s simple, I proudly stood shoulder to shoulder with him on some fairly intense assignments and in front of training venues that were blessed and fortunate to have him as a guest instructor. Authentic Authority… here you go, and it’s sadly, in short supply out here, in my opinion.

J. Shanahan, Keisatsu DojoRetired NYPD Senior Instructor

Thank you for having the exemplary ability to assess situations from both sides in order to effectively communicate resolutions that change situations and our quality of life.

T. Charles, Teacher

The first book, Forward Motion, should be read by every kid in high school (maybe younger if your kid is smarter than the average middle school student). It’s a really good motivational book for teenagers. I honestly think it should be in every high school.

The second book, The Personal Side of Policing, should be read by anyone who is considering joining any type of law enforcement agency. It touches on a lot of aspects of policing and what to expect.

G. Taylor, Retired NYPD Detective

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